Sports Radio 1410 KGSO is Wichita's exclusive home for Fox Sports Radio.  Armed with a global network of reporters, nobody brings you better coverage of the biggest sports stories each and every day. 

          5 AM - 6 AM: Fox Sports Daybreak with Andy Furman and Artrell Hawkins

          9 AM - 11 PM: The Dan Patrick Show

         11 PM - 2 PM: Jay Mohr          

          2 PM - 4 PM: The Loose Cannons with Pat O'Brien

          6 PM - 9 PM: The Petros and Money Show

          9 PM - 12 AM: Fox Sports Tonight with Rob Dibble and Amy Van Dyken

          12 AM - 5 AM: JT The Brick

All of these dynamic hosts plus the best weekend talk in all of sports talk, the only place your dial needs to be for all of the big stories is Sports Radio 1410 KGSO and Fox Sports Radio.